yoooo I'm so pleased that this worked! imported an image into audacity as audio > recorded that audio to a cassette tape (using dolby noise reduction B to reduce tape hiss) > played the tape back and recorded it into audacity > converted back to .bmp

screenshot from wonder egg priority. followed this method for databending images using audacity (thank you @NatVoltaic for sharing this!) hellocatfood.com/databending-u


here are the waveforms for the original image and the taped image. second image is zoomed in for detail. (the first five seconds are the same so as not to corrupt the image header)

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for this one I recorded blank tape hiss and combined it with the original snapshot. extremely cool

@prumm I'm tempted to use this method to hide images on my mixtapes whenever I actually start a mixtape club. but I don't want to jumpscare people with sudden screechy audio

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