made a bot that posts links to the daily shirt designs on The Yetee. at the moment I'm relying on mastodon's automatic link preview to show the design. hoping to update this soon so the image is attached to the post. @yeteedaily

for this one I recorded blank tape hiss and combined it with the original snapshot. extremely cool

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here are the waveforms for the original image and the taped image. second image is zoomed in for detail. (the first five seconds are the same so as not to corrupt the image header)

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yoooo I'm so pleased that this worked! imported an image into audacity as audio > recorded that audio to a cassette tape (using dolby noise reduction B to reduce tape hiss) > played the tape back and recorded it into audacity > converted back to .bmp

screenshot from wonder egg priority. followed this method for databending images using audacity (thank you @NatVoltaic for sharing this!)

added some mild distortion by adjusting the video sync threshold. I think it looks cool on top of the other effects.

recorded from the Edirol V-4's preview output with on-screen menus. two episodes of the twilight zone on vhs as source.

trying to come up with interesting ways I can use my new analog video mixer.

- PC display with fullscreen webcam > HDMI to AV converter > video mixer > VCR input > record to VHS.
- then playback VHS > VCR output > AV to USB capture device > record in OBS > screenshots. (I did record audio from the webcam mic to the VHS but I didn't alter it in any way.)

all of these screenshots use varying negative filters, posterization, and black luminance keying

what I liked about this test is how much easier it was to get color distortion. the source video I recorded is maybe not the best for this since the intro has a lot of black, but the gameplay I got before the tape stopped recording prematurely had some funky variations. (3/3)

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screenshots are better than the actual video, mostly because the video often flashes bright white and was pretty difficult to watch. the video cut out more often but for shorter periods, which meant my USB capture device had a hard time picking up anything at all. eventually I'll get a time base corrector, but for now I'm using my phone to record the CRT screen in a dark room. (2/3)

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earthbound tape test two: same method as before, but I wrapped some aluminum foil around the video plug in hopes of introducing extra noise and making it easier to maintain a connection when partially inserted. (1/3)

a bunch of screenshots from my first test with this tape. basically just dubbed it to another tape while wiggling the video input. not a lot of variety since the video was more likely to cut out

flashing gif, harsh visual noise 

part 2. made with Cathodemer.

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flashing gif, harsh visual noise 

part 1. made with Cathodemer.

limited autographed cassette release of the album Repiton by pragmaticNihilist. album art was made by Xamag. these were sold by the Vast Error team through etsy.
--designed and printed the J-cards and tape labels
--recorded/dubbed the album onto 50 tapes
--handled the packaging and shipping for all orders


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